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About Us


Hearts & Horses Riding Center LLC was founded by Stephanie Keene who believes that riding and caring for horses can profoundly affect the lives of people with and without disabilities. Over the past 20 years, Stephanie has continued to expand the Hearts & Horses facility and programs to ensure that everyone in our  community is able to experience and enjoy the honor of working with horses.


Hearts & Horses has developed into one of Maine's largest and most popular horse farms offering programs for all ages and abilities !


Use this website as a guide to learn all about the opportunities available so that you can create your own experience at this special place !


The Experience


Horse Lovers of all ages will find an experience here at Hearts & Horses.


We hold year round Riding Lessons for all ages and abilities. We offer Camp Programs and after School  'Barn Buddies.'  There are often H & H Horses available for lease and plenty of room with incredible facilities and care, to board and enjoy your own horse. 


We hold many events, training sessions, Horse Shows and many other experiences. We are constantly updating our Events Calendar so check back often !


Therapeutic Riding Programs

Our Therapeutic Riding program at Hearts & Horses was founded on the belief that experiencing and riding horses significantly improves the lives of individuals with physical, emotional and developmental disabilities. 


  • Therapeutic Riding improves balance, muscle tone, range of motion and strength.

  • Our riders who are working through emotional difficulties, quickly learn to understand their horses; a first step in understanding themselves.

  • Our riders with learning disabilities and cognitive challenges benefit from the sensory integration provided through the horse.


All of our riders develop an increase in concentration, self-perception and a sense of empowerment.

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